Kristinamari at work

My interest for handmade items, especially all to do with beads began with my older sister. She introduced me also to the first handmade community on the internet. My username became Kristinamari and from then on my artist name is Kristinamari, so all items here are handmade by Kristinamari. My real name is Maaris Meier, I am a cyclist and cycling coach and all related to cycling, my passion, my life. But my passion is also creating and the challenge that becomes with it, I love to create unique items, I have lots of beading and embroidery and knitted and crocheted projects.
Two years ago I decided not to eat animals and with that came also consciousness about our daily products that we use. We are not only what we eat, but also what we put onto our skin, the environment we are in and what we do to our body. So I wanted hygiene products that are natural and have no nasty ingredients, I had been already thinking about making soaps and well that was the push.
So I switched my shower gels to my soaps and shampoos to solid shampoo bars. And totally loving them and creating new interesting combinations to intrigue the sensations while cleaning and moisturizing the skin.
The same time I continue to knit, crochet, embroider and bead, also paint, make wall clock, the list goes on, just all handcrafted things with a challenge and a twist intrigue me, I am an artist. 

Therefore Handmade by Kristinamari can mean a lot of things, I love that its not one thing or technique, its from wall to wall creations to bright up the life!

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