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Always glad to do custom orders, everything is possible, presents, event gifts, special occasion memos. Look around and if you have your an idea, contact me and lets make it happen. Or ask me for an idea for the special person that can most certainly be you. Enjoy handmade items made with care!

Knitted summer top

Knitted winter hat

Wall clock

Embroidery bracelet

Recycled bracelet

Embroidery bracelet

Embroidery bracelet

Beaded bracelet

Knitted baby boots

Tiger balm

Cold process soap "Sea-Buckhorn"

Solid shampoo "Lemongrass"

Solid shampoo "Lavender"

Natural soap "Coffee with cinnamon"

Solid shampoo "Citrus paradisi"

Scrub soap "Ginger with poppy seeds"

Natural soap "Cacao and spearmint"

Knitted lacy top

Simple bracelet

Lacy top

Knitted pullover

Knitted flower cardigan

Knitted nordic cardigan

Knitted mittens

Poppy flower necklace

Night Sky embroidery bracelet

Embroidery beaded bracelet

Legal imprint